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Mobile Application development services to accelerate your business growth

Your website is the first impression potential customers get about your company. We will design, develop and market your websites to satisfy your business needs. Our number one priority is to deliver beautiful clean professional web design that deliver results to our clients.

Why Custom App Development?

Every company now understands that it needs a mobile app. Even small companies want one. Therefore, custom app development needs to be affordable. Having a mobile app for your business can be compared to having a website. Mobile devices are more popular now than PCs, and are more frequently used. They can increase customer engagement, help to promote specific products and services, provide better customer service and more. But can custom app development be quick and affordable for businesses of any size?

Custom App Development Cost

Companies are under tremendous pressure to develop and deploy mobile apps for their small – medium sized businesses, yet the traditional engineering approach to custom mobile app development typically costs $50K+ and takes 6+ months for a single app. Fix Our Site, a leading rapid development company, solves this problem by delivering custom mobile app development in weeks, saving its clients thousands of dollars in the meanwhile. In fact, for as low as  a $2500 custom app development fee, Fix Our Site can build a quality mobile app designed specifically to meet your business needs.


Affordable Development & Equity Options

How can Fix Our Site afford custom app development at such a low cost? The secret sauce is the Fix Our Site team, having worked for much larger companies, utilizing the best tools but not having to pay senior level engineers to operate these systems. The cost of mobile app development has come down drastically over the years but larger companies continue charging $50,000 + for an app. The truth is these companies can create these same applications for a fraction of the markup.

Our custom app development process includes fast prototyping. The customer will see the first prototype within a week. Fix Our Site developers involve the customer in the custom app development process, getting comments and requirements directly and can quickly fix certain points before the release of the application, which significantly saves time.